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Peaceful Scenes for a Hectic World
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Large Format Camera
Large Format Collection: Taken with a large format camera using 4x5 inch sheet film.
  • Top quality, amazing detail
  • Large sizes - up to 30x40 on traditional photo paper, 48x60 on Canvas
  • Limited editions

Digital SLR
Digital Collections: taken with a digital SLR camera, organized by subject/area.

Photos on Canvas

Photos on the wall:   Photographs, mostly canvas giclee's, printed in large sizes to make best use of this spectacular medium.  Sizes range from 24x30 to 48x60, and are truly breathtaking.  This process was developed to produce high quality reproductions of oil paintings called Giclee's.  You get the  vibrant feel of an oil painting with the fine detail of a large format photograph.
  • See them "on location" in public places, homes, offices, and art galleries.

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