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Peaceful Scenes for a Hectic World

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  • Galleries have the advantage of being accessible several days of the year, though each carries a limited selection of photographs.  If you're in the area, you can visit the galleries/stores below to see Jack's photos first hand.
  • "On display" generally means hanging on the wall, while "in the bins" refers to matted work that is in bins you can look through.
Georgetown Colorado Grizzley Creek Gallery
on Main Street  in the middle of downtown, across from the park
Superb images by Owner/Photographer Gary Haines plus selected  images from many of the best photographers in Colorado, including a few of my most popular canvas Giclées.
Hamilton Montana
Art Focus Fine Arts and Framing
215 W Main, Hamilton
Have some of my photos from the Bitterrot Valley, Glacier, and Yellowstone


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